Validated Data Entry

Why is always better to use a Validated Data Entry?

Achieve quality data is a process that starts with the capture, migration or data entry pass. Using a validated program dramatically reduce the acceptance of mistakes, omitted data or inconsistent information. For some areas (for instance, Marketing Research) this is a complex process: there are questions than have a limitted range of responses, others must be checked with previous inputs, other ones has to be skipped, due of previous responses. Validated data entry bans the user to commit the most usual mistakes, and produces a cleaner data.

Validated data entry (and data capture and migration) improve the quality of your data at the very beggining.

Steps in Data Entry development:



 These are some advantages of contracting DataEntry build on EasyTab® Net 2.0, our proprietary software:

  •  Pay per study; there is no fee for contracting the licence of any program.
  •  The process of programming your questionnaire is supervised by systems engineers and experts in research.
  •  EasyTab® Net 2.0 produce a portable application, with minimum technological requirements, usable in Windows environment.
  •  After fieldwork, you can reassume the processing and analysis of the study, using the data base.
  • EasyTab® Net 2.0 supports extremely large databases.