Data Enrichment

What is Data Enrichment?

We can see Data Enrichment as the implementation of a set of methods and structures for refining and enhancing information. It keeps your data alive and allows you to use your data in different ways.

So, data enrichment is a general term that refers to processes used to enhance, refine or otherwise improve raw data (as Technopedia said). The core objective is to prepare data for analysis and exploitation.

As a full process, data enrichment involves access data in various systems, identify data sets that would be needed, blend databases and fill the data into the right format or structure in order to analyze it.

This process would include:

  1. To correct little mistakes in databases, like misspelling or typographical errors.
  2. To add some related external data from another source to enhance the quality and richness of the information, like GPS localizations, taken from addresses in the database.
  3. To agregate statistical information derived from variables in the database, like membership in a typological group.