Data Auditing

Why you need Data Auditing?

The more accurate, consistent, complete and up-to-date your business and customer’s records are, the more efficient and reliable your data sets will be, and the better they will perform for analysis. The presence of an external and impartial agent helps the quality control of the data capture or transcription process. By turning your data in easily retrievable and actionable information, we provide you with better insight and control over complex business operations.

Over the years, we had developed a powerfull instrument that help us to check out the consistence of your data: EasyTab® Net 2.0, our proprietary software. This allow us to perform a complete analysis of your data, with absolute confidentiality.

After the Auditing Process we will provide you a detailed list of inconsistences, omissions and failures found in your data, and make sugestions to fix the problems. The auditing process using EasyTab® is fast and neat, and more flexible than using other comertial or open-source softwares.

See below steps in Data Auditing:

Steps in the auditing process
Steps in the auditing process