Data Processing

What is Data Processing?

Data processing is the first approximation to the data, for achieving meaningful information. After the hole cleaning process, data will be sort, summarized and aggregated, and an initial analysis will offer a first approach to the results.

In little time, we can provide you a dossier that shows frequencies, crosstabs (using demographic variables) and hypothesis tests, or an interactive dashboard to explore deeply your own data.

There are some of the advantages of processing data with EasyTab® Net 2.0, our proprietary software.

  •  For clean data, the basic table output takes only two days.
  •  Tabulations report with multiple crosstabs (BKs)
  •  Frequencies, percentages and hypothesis testing for means and proportions
  •  Estimation of weighted means
  •  Complex filters can be requested as well as special crosstabs
  • Automated graphics of all the questions.

Steps in data processing:

Steps in the data processing process
Steps in the data processing process